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Monday, August 02, 2004

Well, I've been busy this past week, mainly with work and finishing up what I need to for my classes before my trip to Egypt/Jordan. I will be leaving tomorrow morning, and will return around August 27.

Here are some articles I meant to post links to but haven't till now:

Homeland Security protecting Bill Gates

"Big Brother Awards are now held as an annual event in 17 countries. Each event typically focuses on privacy violations in the host country.

But Privacy International opted to make an exception this year by including in the U.K. awards a U.S. initiative, US-Visit. This security program requires that most foreign visitors traveling to the United States on a visa have their index fingers digitally scanned and a digital photograph taken, so that immigration officers can verify their identity before the visitors are allowed entry into the United States."

Free Speech Zone at the Democratic National Convention is full of cameras and surrounded by barbed wire.