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Thursday, May 13, 2004

So much for the notion that one graphics card is enough for your computer...Alienware is developing a motherboard that will use an Intel-based chipset to allow the use of dual graphics cards in a system. In particular, the two graphics cards will work in parallel, a technology being named Video Array, to "offer between 50 to 90 percent more performance than a single graphics card." Almost double the performance of the ATI X800 XT...mmm, 200+ fps without breaking a sweat. That's just crazy talk...
More development on Sony and IBM's Cell chip: Both companies plan on releasing workstations based on the chip to help assist in multimedia and game creation. Considering how well companies are taking IBM's main computer chip (PowerPC will be found on XBOX 2, the chips can be found in some routers, Macs, etc.), the cell chip that has been years in the making is anticipated to be quite amazing. The ExtremeHack article also suggested that it could help movie creators quickly move characters over to games if the system is used for both such tasks. Sounds like it has potential...we'll just have to see what's to come. Maybe my next system will be based on the Cell processor :p
I just have to say that Opera RULES! The latest version (7.50) is out and UW-Madison owns a site-license now, so I can legally obtain the non-ad version. Although I haven't used it much since I've upgraded, I have already noticed a speed increase (even on my slow computer). One thing I didn't like was the Hotlist change, which only closed part of the panel when F4 is pressed, but I was able to customize the keyboard shortcut to my liking. I know many of you are IE fans, but for real websurfers, you must migrate away from the simple built-in standard browser that comes with Windows (which only serves the purpose of displaying the Windows Update site) to adopt a flexible, fast, easy to use browser.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Just noticed my friend ae2k posted a picture about me and a link to this site, so I should probably post my regards for the visitors he's sending over. That picture was taken in September? during a party of mine in Madison. My roommates thought it would be cool, and of course I wasn't going to refuse; the reason they went along with it was because I was going to install Microsoft Office on their computer for them :p (campus license of course...don't get mad at me Microsoft!)
OK, I finally have a little time to post something here. Damn work and finals...just hate them so much. Anyways, I have to catch up on my tech news and stuff, but I might as well mention that I picked up a computer at SWAP (UW-Madison's surplus store) and will be setting up linux on it. I purchased two linux books in the past two weeks; one is a Pocket Guide for command reference, etc, and the second is a 1500 page book from 1995. Hope to play around with it soon; I just have one more final to deal with on Wednesday.

On a side note, I picked up a Maxi-Switch multimedia keyboard along with this computer; it actually has Altec Lansing speakers and a microphone. I couldn't help but purchase it because it was $3 (the same price as their regular keyboards), and it actually sounds pretty good. My roommate and I may purchase the rest of the lot to place along the walls in our room to create a "surround sound experience".