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Friday, July 22, 2005

Oh, snap, I finally feel like posting an update to my blog! Actually, I just wanted to leave a comment concerning this depressing fiasco over Hot Coffee for GTA - San Andreas. I guess we were bound to reach the point where game programmers and developers have to start being more careful over what type of content can be found in games and lock down features/hacks. To keep games fresh with unique content and in part to keep programmers happy, game programmers need to have freedom to be creative with their games. Instead, now that Take Two is getting in trouble over such an insignificant hack (I mean, come on, you can unlock nudity in the Sims, but no one complains about that), game publishers are going to have to lock down game content and options to ensure that ratings are met and political mothers concerned about their children's exposure to violence doesn't involve sex. Since game development is approaching the heights of film production, I suppose this was bound to happen; now we have to wait for the indie game publishers to spawn and give us something fresh and creative.

Anyways, I wish I could say that my new website is coming along great, but all I can say is that I chose a background for the page, but since I've installed Windows x64 I haven't reinstalled Dreamweaver or Photoshop so I haven't put further development into it. Hopefully within the next two weeks I can whip together a decent webpage to prepare for my return to college. Later, G's.