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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

OK, I finally have a little time to post something here. Damn work and finals...just hate them so much. Anyways, I have to catch up on my tech news and stuff, but I might as well mention that I picked up a computer at SWAP (UW-Madison's surplus store) and will be setting up linux on it. I purchased two linux books in the past two weeks; one is a Pocket Guide for command reference, etc, and the second is a 1500 page book from 1995. Hope to play around with it soon; I just have one more final to deal with on Wednesday.

On a side note, I picked up a Maxi-Switch multimedia keyboard along with this computer; it actually has Altec Lansing speakers and a microphone. I couldn't help but purchase it because it was $3 (the same price as their regular keyboards), and it actually sounds pretty good. My roommate and I may purchase the rest of the lot to place along the walls in our room to create a "surround sound experience".

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