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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Here's an interesting Slashdot headline concerning the Google executives and their salary. Supposedly this will be the second year they will only be pulling in $1 per year...pretty cool, huh? Well, I guess one could associate wise business decisions to that...more money stays within the company while they sell of stock, taking advantage of the $400+ stock price. And, thanks to Bush's tax cuts "to the wealthy" in 2002, income resulting from stock sales are taxed a lot less than income tax. Ultimately, though, although I don't approve of the way he said it, Tackhead makes a good point: it would be nice to see the government spend a lot less on the Pentagon. Anyways, I think the Google executives are only accepting $1 in salary as a statement for the company, more than anything.

BTW, I thought the food stamp remark was funny.


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