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Monday, May 03, 2004

Hello everyone *hears echo*...just thought I'd post somewhat often, especially while this blog thing is new to me. I am currently trying to do some homework, but I needed to listen to some music, so RantRadio Industrial was the answer (hands down). Anyhow, I saw their request for bandwidth aid and started thinking...wouldn't it be cool to be able to do to shoutcast what has been done with BitTorrent? I did some research and found a possible solution: PeerCast. I'll have to try it out sometime, but it seems like many popular formats are supported (mp3, ogg, nsv, etc.). It sounds like a great solution, as long as upload bandwidth use can be limited...using a lot of upload bandwidth really slows down an internet connection, and in my case my other 3 roommates would notice as well. Luckily, NetLimiter does wonders for me with limiting upload bandwidth (don't worry, I still share plenty). If anyone gets a chance to PeerCast, please leave a comment below with your input.

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