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Monday, October 26, 2009

Palm WebOS Should Support Facebook Open Platform and OpenSocial APIs

This seems so obvious that I held off posting about it until today, but it bothers me. Granted, I've already run out of space for apps on my Palm Pre (hopefully they either expand /var or create a container for apps on the FAT partition, or maybe I'll give in and do it myself), and i'm not a big user of Facebook apps (aside from Go, most of the apps I do have are for syncing information), but given that the current application SDK is based on Javascript and rendering HTML, it only makes sense that Palm would build in support for Facebook and OpenSocial apps. Having API support for these platforms would provide Palm and WebOS users access to numerous and a growing ecosystem of both web-enabled and native applications. Of course one can use these applications via the built-in browser, but having the ability to both install and use any of these applications would be a huge selling point for WebOS. In fact, syncing support within WebOS should provide the capability of syncing one's installed set of Facebook and OpenSocial Apps.

And while they're at it, Palm should also add bookmark syncing and integrate Facebook and LinkedIn profile links within Contacts. Facebook Chat should also be added to Messaging, and Facebook and LinkedIn messages to Email. And, of course, let's not forget about making everything work faster under WebOS...I think i'll have to leave my set of requests at that for now.

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